Health & Safety
If you want to improve your safety record, improve the trust within your organization.    ~ Lea Brovedani
Building Trust for Measurable Results in Health and Safety

In the world of safety, building and keeping trust is critically important. Developed and leveraged, it allows relationships to thrive and encourages people to work with each other to build a safety culture. If trust is severely damaged it will unhinge even the best safety protocols and procedures, and can ultimately destroy the company. You will:
  • Learn how we build and grow trust
  • Identify trust issues in the safety world
  • Learn strategies to rebuild it if it is damaged
  • Understand how you can build a solid foundation of trust
Controlling the Risks – Leading with Trust

Trust is fundamental for building great relationships and makes personal and business transactions possible. Key to controlling the risks in health and safety is your ability to persuade someone you have no power over to work and collaborate with you over a common goal. It requires a deep level of trust. Lea will discuss trust as a whole body system that taps into what our mind, body, spirit connections tell us. You will:
  • Identify the opportunities for building trust
  • Recognize when trust is at risk
  • Read situations and determine the levels of trust that exist
  • Increase levels of trust with clients, employees and peers
Trust Goals – Going the Distance to Build an Award Winning Safety Culture

Winners of Health and Safety Trust Awards don’t happen by accident. Goals are set and employees are given the training and coaching to achieve them. Inspiring your employees to go the distance for health and safety is the best investment you can make. The return on investment shows in the safety record and in the bottom line. Participants will:
  • Learn success strategies for building a health and safety culture
  • Learn a process for accessing trust and trustworthiness
  • Be motivated to go the distance to achieve results
"I want to thank you for delivering above and beyond. This was our new president and vice-president's first conference - so the stakes were a little higher than usual. You did a wonderful job. I learned so much from your keynote and wished I could have been in your break-out sessions. I am very grateful."
- Suzanne Lundrigan, Director Communications ASBA