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Getting Beyond “Overwhelmed”

The jobs that have to be done before the movers arrive on July 24th total pages instead of paragraphs… or at least I think they do. For the past week I have hidden in my office answering non-essential emails and playing games in an effort to hide from this feeling  I have of being overwhelmed.
We’ve lived in our house for 17 years and each closet has treasures and memories. What do I do with all of those cards the kids made when they were little? A five year old backward lettering signature from Acacia, a task coupon book from Phillip. Hmmm, do you think I can still redeem the “wash the dishes” coupon? The urge to put the packing aside again and hide in my office is huge, but if I am to be ready when the movers come in a 1 ½ weeks I need to get through all of this.
Part of this journey to India is around deciding what is important. I’m quickly realizing that things can be replaced, but memories of people and events will be stored in my heart and taken with me.
OK, but I still have a house to get through.  I need to focus.
I walk to the biggest closet downstairs. It is packed so tightly that when I open the door, things fall on my head. Luckily they are soft.  OK, my friend Colette Robicheau told me about the 3 bin method. (Go to her website. She has a ton of useful information http://www.organizeanything.com/) I’ve marked one “Keep”, one “Give Away/Sell/Donate” and one “Throw away”.  The feeling of “overwhelmed” hits me but I’m going to work through it.
Now I’m on a roll and I know that I can get through this. I get through the closet in a little over an hour. Now I’m feeling more confident and I know using the 3 bin system I can get through all that needs to be done. I’ve mapped out a list of my to-do’s and it doesn’t seem as bad as I thought.
This seems like a great system for uncluttering the junk in my emotional closet as well. I’ve decided that I am going to keep all of the good memories. I know all of the things that worked to build the wonderful friendships and I’m going to move those positive feelings and habits with me to India.
I’m going to give away appreciation to people I care about. The wonderful thing about this give away is that I end up keeping twice as much but that’s beyond OK.
Finally, I’m going to throw away the emotional junk. Slights I’ve held on to, grudges, insecurities, shame… they’re all going in the trash heep.

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