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Mindfulness and the Pain of Multi – Tasking

My friend Tammy Isa is a brilliant woman who juggles a busy career along with motherhood and being a great partner to her husband Shareef. She sent me this post today and I thought it was so good it should be re-posted so more people could read it. Here it is…

Overlapping is something I find myself doing. Trying to work on two things simultaneously.  Usually half successful. The lesson in my action became apparent for me last evening.

I was readying myself to turn in for the evening. And, as usual, I was doing two things at once…

*         Reading an article atop my dresser

*         And pulling my hair back to ready myself for my cleansing routine.

First I clipped my hair. Then, as  I was pulling on the hairband it got caught in the clip.
I pulled at it and continued to read. Next thing, SNAP, the band slapped into my Left Eye.


Here’s the good news,  I can see.  Praise the Lord. My eye is simply bruised and swollen.

My son Kadin was rewarded with a bandana from our friends the Mehta’s when he broke his arm snowboarding.  It’s become my eye sling! I’m wearing it as a patch to cover my eye for the next few days.  I’m feeling and looking like a pirate.   There is some fun it that actually.

Onto the lesson…

Reflecting on the situation, I have determined that I strive regularly to be ‘efficient’.  Yet in the moment, I often am not. Case in point with the hairband.  It’s cost me more time than I ever gained…

My Lesson- to be more mindful of the activity at hand and complete the task before I set-out on the next. I recognize that this change to being more mindful and completing one task before I start the next will be hard. The consequence of not choosing to do better could be a lot worse next time.

I am sharing this with you to acknowledge you, and to cause you to reflect on your own patterns.
I believe we all go to fast, and do too much in one moment.   We’re trying to squeeze everything in…and make the most efficient use of our time.

I wonder if we consider increasing our focus to complete the task, whether we could get better results?

And I fear that this really is a warning.  A wake up call to make me take notice.
Next time, I could be driving…

With love,


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