Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
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Finding the Pony

There was a large boom and the floor of our room shook. Our dog Athena jumped up on the bed and tried to crawl under the covers. We bolted up right looked at each other and said “What the heck was that?!

The time on the clock said 1:30 am. We got up and walked outside to see what had happened. It was a calm beautiful night with no wind or rain and we could see our beautiful 130 foot old oak tree uprooted and on it’s side.

Two weeks of solid rain had soaked the soil and weakened the root system. I have an image of that greedy little squirrel that has been stealing all my tomatoes getting his comeuppance when he ran up the tree with the tomato in his mouth. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, or the tomato that took down a tree. Who knows what brought it down?

When a 125 – 130 ft. tree comes down it takes a lot out with it. The car in its path was totaled. The fence splintered like crystal falling on concrete and the neighbor’s historic carriage house was smashed beyond repair. Although there is no way I could control it, I felt badly for our tree falling on their beautiful old building.

My girl friend Elizabeth once told me that if I saw a barn full of manure, I’d start digging for the pony. It’s a funny way of saying I try to find the positive in unpleasant situations.

There are positives to find in this situation but the biggest and most obvious one is no one was hurt. If the tree had fallen in the other direction it would have landed on our home and since our bedroom is on the second floor at the back we could have been badly hurt or even killed.

I’ve watched trust in action as the four men from the tree removal firm work in harmony cutting off branches and make sure that everything is done safely and in the right order. They explained that there is a lot of science figuring out which limb to cut first so when it comes down it doesn’t take one of them with it.

So I’m taking this as a life lesson and counting my blessings. Things can be replaced but people can’t.

What’s your pony?

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