Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
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Loving and Trusting the Most Important Person in Your Life

It may be hard for you to love and trust this person. They’ve made promises to you over and over again, just to break them without consideration. They have been verbally abusive and others have noticed and been uncomfortable.

It’s not always bad. Sometimes they surprise you and come through in the biggest way, exceeding every expectation you’ve set, and you think, “Maybe now, we can expect better things to come. They’ve changed, grown.” They can be exceedingly witty and kind to everyone else and you’re hopeful.

A mistake happens.

Seriously, it’s not a big deal but you hear them say, “What an idiot. Can’t you do anything right?” Even worse, they aren’t satisfied saying it just once. They’re relentless and go over every detail of the mistake, reminding you again and again what you did wrong. You’re quite sure others aren’t making such a big deal about it but they just won’t let it go. And it makes you feel defeated – you revert back to the old ways because, hey, what’s the point?

They promise to get better. And you want to believe what they say, you really do, but they’ve said this before. And then, for what seems like no reason at all, they can get nasty.A

It surprises you that they are able to keep so many friends and you’ve noticed that when they are really nasty to you, it can affect their other relationships as well.

Have you figured out that I’m talking about the relationship you have with yourself?

If you want to love and trust others, you have to love and trust yourself first.

At the core of trust is being able to trust yourself. It makes sense. How can you trust others if you can’t trust your own judgment? Love and trust go together. I haven’t met many people who can trust a person 100% if they don’t at least like them.

Louise Hay has a course called “Loving Yourself” and for 21 days you have to get comfortable looking in the mirror, saying your own name out loud, and adding, “I love you, I really, really love you.” 

I decided to try it and, for the first week, I felt very silly. I said it very quietly so Ric wouldn’t think I’d completely lost my mind.

Now I walk by every mirror and smile and say it. Is it making a difference? Well, I’m landing more contracts then I’ve ever landed before and, although some of that can be attributed to my great business coach Paula, I know some of it is the confidence coming across in my voice.

It’s Valentine’s Day! How about loving and trusting the most important person in your life?

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