Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
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Knowing & Doing

When I was an HR manager, we did competency-based interviews. We wanted examples from people who could show us they could do what they said they could do. This was the first step in finding the right people for the job. Questions were used to find out how they used specific skills and how they approached problems, tasks or challenges…

Everyone might know intellectually that in a crisis situation, you remain calm, find out as much as you can, and communicate the information to those who need to know. Not everyone does this, however. You are going to be judged by your actions, not on your intentions.

My latest book – TRUST ME – is based on this same premise. If you want to be trusted, you have to show you can be trusted in action, words and deeds.

By now, if you’ve been reading my newsletter or blog, you know the 5 Tenets of Trust. For new readers, they are: Caring, Commitment, Consistency, Competence and Communication.

Here are some things you can do to show Caring in action.

The first step is being specific. If someone you know, at work or in your personal life, has done something exceptional, let them know. For instance, “Janet, thanks for putting in all of the extra overtime this past month to get the information we needed so we could submit the proposal for the ABC account. As you know, we got the proposal late and weren’t sure we’d be able to get it in on time to be considered. Your effort made all the difference. Not only did we get it in on time, but we won the contract.”

Acknowledge the effort and sacrifice that was made. “I heard you cancelled a concert you really wanted to go to. In fact, I was told you had booked it months ago as soon as you heard about it. And yet, you cancelled it without complaint or comment. Your dedication inspired others to put in their best effort, as well.”

Finally, tell them what it means to you personally. “You know that I’m judged by the results of the team and my next performance review is going to be stellar. Just like yours is going to be. I appreciate all you’ve done.”

Other things you can do to show caring are as simple as putting down your cell phone and giving your full attention.

What do you do to show you care?

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