Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
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About Lea

Lea Brovedani with Hat Sitting Black and White PhotoAnimated, funny and thought-provoking…

Lea’s natural ability to hold deep conversations with her audience creates a powerful learning environment. Her confidence and humor while presenting, engage the group and shows up in the positive feedback she receives and the results she delivers. One participant said, “Lea had our attention from her first words until her very last.”

For the past 15 years Lea has been working with clients across Asia and North America delivering programs that target specific areas of concerns and needs. From 2011 to 2012, Lea spent a year in Mumbai, India delivering programs to clients throughout India, Singapore and Indonesia. In late 2012, Lea moved to Philadelphia. It was here that she completed her book TRUSTED – A Leaders Lesson and resumed her work showing leaders how to trust and be trusted. She has been invigorated by what she learned in India and incorporates these learnings into her programs.

Clients range from the U.S. Army Corp of Chaplains, FedEx, Suryawanshi School in Nishik, India to ADP Chicago, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Forces Atlantic, CSAE, Nurses Union, and Workmen’s Compensation, to name a few.

Lea’s journey to become an expert in trust and emotional intelligence took a circuitous route. After writing her practicum in Adult Education for a group of educators on how to teach with emotional intelligence, she decided to devote her career to help others put trust into action.

Fearless inside and outside the classroom...

Lea has gone scuba diving with sharks, sky diving, bungee jumping and zip lining across the Sierra Madras Mountains. When someone asked Lea if she had a death wish her reply was, “I don’t… I have a life wish.”

Lea brings her fearlessness onto the stage and into the classroom to present programs that transform thinking and show people how to increase trust in their businesses and their daily lives.


One of WOHSS's foundational beliefs is that empowered women empower women and this could not be more true than how I felt after our AGM. Thank you again for the generous contribution of time and wisdom. Your presentation was engaging, entertaining, and informative. So many great takeaways!

- Denise Howitt, CRSP, CRM | Manager, EHS Systems and Compliance | Environment, Health and Safety | University of Calgary

Lea's natural ability to have a conversation with her audience provided a great learning environment. Without reservation, if an organization is looking for a true performer that offers great value and ROI, I would recommend Lea.

- Captain Peter Barrett CD, MBA, CHRP

Thank you for your participation as a speaker at the HDI 2016 Conference and Expo. Your time and expertise were an invaluable component to our success.

- Christine Montoya, Event Manager, UBM Tech, HDI

I love your work on ‘trust’. Trust is at the very foundation of business, branding, attracting top talent, relationships and, in fact, our very survival as a species.

- Donald Cooper, International Management Speaker and Business Coach, Former CEO of Cooper Canada

The topic of trust is one that's needed not only in the safety world but in all levels of government at large. Her message was powerful, her stories and examples were compelling and insightful.

- Executive Safety Officer, conference attendee

Lea's talk about TRUST was the best of the two day conference.

- Grace Grobler, EQ Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

Lea is engaging, warm, funny and presented some excellent information on trust. Her insights and tools are practical and useful. Well done Lea!

- Kathleen Redmond PCC (ICF certified Executive Coach)

Phenomenal work you are doing with sharing the message of trust and the vitality of it!

- Sondra Gudmundsom

I have been reflecting on the EQ2014 Conference in Cape Town, and your presentation on trust has resonated deeply with me. Your engagement was inspiring, touched me at the core, and I believe that your motto: “Do the right thing, even when no one is watching” is what South Africa needs right now, to address the profound ethical challenges we are faced with. Thank you for adding so much value to my life, in your typical, serene, courageous, and anchored Lea-style!

- Aden-Paul Flotman, Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of South Africa

At all times Lea is personable and professional. She takes great care to get to know the needs of our organization and our audience. She relates well to our delegates, who vary greatly in terms of their years of work experience, and the industries and organizations they present.

- Arminta Kennedy, Community Safety Manager, Safety Services Nova Scotia

Lea Brovedani is a gifted writer and speaker who lights up the room. She gave her 'Trust' presentation at our Rotary Club meeting and had everyone interested and engaged. We appreciated the way she customized her message to reflect the core values of our organization: one of which is, "Is It The Truth?" Her insights need to be heard. I highly recommend her as a presenter!

- Lisa Leonard, Rotary Club of Philadelphia

I'm writing this email to thank you for the great and inspiring talk about trust. You have just put in words what I had as abstract thoughts. Now I can articulate it! My blog schedule is already full, but I'm sure going to write about my experience with your webinar sometime. Again, thank you for being such a moving speaker.

- Maali Albalt, ctrl . alt . LEAD

Lea was engaging. Designed content to keep people connected, rather than just listening. She was"real" and "authentic" when she represented her content.

- Audience member, Denver Forum 2017

She had very valuable information on Trust which can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

- Audience member

She presented a different subject that I haven't been exposed to previously that brought about a lot of good discussions and value.

- Audience member

Lea brought out great points in her class that can be implemented immediately once returning to the office.

- Audience member

What a pleasure to work with Lea! She conveys key concepts with transformative potential in a meaningful, engaging, highly digestible and actionable way. Her Keynote presentation at our AGM gave attendees a strong foundation upon which to enhance their own skill-sets and be the needed positive influencers in their professional settings, which in turn will contribute to their team's trust based success.

- Loretta Bouwmeester, Hons. B.A, M.A. LL.B Chair of the Events Committee and Member of the WOHSS Board of Directors

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