Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani looking back at us over her shoulder. She is wearing a while blouse

Knowing & Doing

When I was an HR manager, we did competency-based interviews. We wanted examples from people who could show us they could do what they said they could do. This was the first step in finding the right people for the job. Questions were used to find out how they used specific skills and how they approached problems, tasks or challenges…

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Tolerance and Trustworthiness – Finding the better way!

What if we worked at tolerance? I read a post hiding bigotry and hatred by posing it as a fight against political correctness. It was dishonest and untrustworthy. They posited that not accepting their fight against “political correctness” was a sign of intolerance, weakness and dangerous to society because it hides the “real” problems. They weren’t talking about political correctness, which is meant to stand for fairness and open-mindedness, but the new subverted meaning, which is described as a condescending way of talking and elitist principles that wastes time.

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