Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
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Tolerance and Trustworthiness – Finding the better way!

What if we worked at tolerance? I read a post hiding bigotry and hatred by posing it as a fight against political correctness. It was dishonest and untrustworthy. They posited that not accepting their fight against “political correctness” was a sign of intolerance, weakness and dangerous to society because it hides the “real” problems. They weren’t talking about political correctness, which is meant to stand for fairness and open-mindedness, but the new subverted meaning, which is described as a condescending way of talking and elitist principles that wastes time.

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The Trip Home

Woman Sitting in an Airport

I am reminded of a quote attributed to David Duchovny, an actor and star of The X-Files. He says, “The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are. Instead, we trust people to be who we want them to be – and when they’re not, we cry.” I … Read more

When being Right can be Wrong for Building Trust

View of Landscape from a Bike

Did you know most motorcycle accidents aren’t the fault of the motorcycle driver? Two thirds of all motorcycle fatalities are caused by the car driver. The car driver’s usual response is they just didn’t see the motorcycle until it was too late. The motorcycle driver might have been right, but how did that help the … Read more

The Trust Troll

Troll Under the Bridge

I don’t know when or how he became the troll living under the bridge. I’m sure it started slowly. I noticed that every year he had a bit more hair growing out of his ears and his stoop was getting more pronounced. The rules for crossing over the bridge were getting much more complex and … Read more

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