Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani Leaning

Politics & Trust

I made a comment to a friend the other day about how people are connecting on Facebook and sharing their opinions on everything political. I said I liked and trusted people more when I didn’t know their politics. I should add I trust people more when their politics are the same as mine. I was … Read more

The Christmas Gift

View from Plane Window Flying at Sunset

It was my first big paycheck and I was flush with the possibilities of all that I could buy. Should I invest? Travel? Buy designer duds? None of those ideas felt right. After much thought I decided to surprise my parents and buy them return tickets to England to fulfill a dream they had talked … Read more


People Practicing Ubuntu

There was a New Year’s special at the gym close to our home so I signed up. It was such a great deal that I could justify it six ways from Sunday in my head. As a signing bonus I was given a free hour with a personal trainer. Yup, got me! I signed up … Read more

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