Lea Brovedani: The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani:
The Trust Architect
Lea Brovedani looking at the camera smiling. She has her arms folded and is wearing a white blouse.

Global Speaker On Trust In Leadership

Foster collaboration and teamwork. Implement Lea’s trust strategies to build teams that can be trusted by those inside and outside the organization.

Interested in training and testing? Lea covers that too!


Lea Brovedani speaking to an audience

Employee Engagement, Culture and the Power of Trust

What would happen if you had a culture that encouraged trust?

Employee engagement would improve, productivity would increase and with it, so would safety and profitability. Lea will show you the keys to building trust and how to get people involved and feel a sense of belonging and connection. Choose this session if you want to achieve a culture that survives and thrives.

"LOVED your Trust workshop @ICFToronto. And am hearing many rave reviews from others."

- ICF Toronto Chapter (via Twitter)

Trusted – A Leadership Lesson

Lea helps you unravel the complexities of trustworthy behavior and shows you how to increase trust for noticeable results. If trust ceases to exist then relationships falter, businesses stall and health suffers. Lea, through entertaining stories and examples, gives us the lessons on how to increase trust from where ever it currently exists. Need to understand how you can increase client and customer trust? You will find out how to:

  • Recognize when trust is a key issue for moving forward in a business or personal transaction
  • Build more trust within yourself so you aren’t second guessing all of your decisions
  • Learn the obstacles to building trust and how to overcome them
  • Find out what your morals and values and ethics say about your trust quotient
  • Learn how to rebuild trust once it has been damaged and to recognize when trust cannot be rebuilt

Love and Trust at Work – Creating fiercely extraordinary workplaces

What would it take for all of your employees to say, “I love my job and I trust my coworkers?” Employee engagement is a key competitive advantage for companies, and it happens in an environment where people are completely vested and energized. With humor and great storytelling, Lea shows participants how to:

  • Identify the opportunities for building trust
  • Bring more love to work... appropriately
  • Increase levels of trust with clients, employees and peers

Rebuilding Trust

How do you recover trust? What are the indications and markers that trust is lacking? Lea shows you how to rebuild trust and how to create a workplace where your vision and values shine. At the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand the conditions that must exist in order for trust to survive and thrive
  • Learn a process for accessing trust and trustworthiness
  • Learn the key steps for rebuilding broken trust

Interview with Yvette Bethal: The Purest Form of Trust

Yvette Bethel interviews Lea Brovedani - author and Trust Architect- recognized for many years of thought leadership in Trust by Trust Across America. Listen in to learn about the purest form of trust and some of the things you can do to cultivate it.

Interview with Sara Gilbert: How to Build Trust

In the Financial Industry where we all talk about being a "Trusted Advisor", what is trust? What's the difference between trust and reputation? When you know how to construct trust with your clients, your potential clients, and your team, you see that... so much more is possible.

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